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This isn’t a finished product yet, but it’s pretty close. Here’s a look at one of our newest creations, a long vertical screen that hints at some of the areas you’ll be able to explore in Rise of the Hidden Sun‘s first episode.

I figured after yesterday’s April Fool’s joke, you all deserve some evidence that we’re not ditching the 1024×768 screen resolution in favor of ye olden days 320×200 screens!

Click the thumbnail image on the right to enlarge. What do you think?

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As I mentioned yesterday, our lead animator has left the project. The fact that this keeps happening—that we get some great out-of-this-world talent, then poof! He or she moves on to bigger and better things without warning—has led me to re-evaluate what we’re doing here with this little project.

Honestly, I’m tired of having to put the game on hold every time we need to find a new professional-quality animator. So I’ve made a big decision.

We’re going old school.

King’s Quest I-style old school, to be exact: Goodbye millions of colors and 1024×768 screens. Make way for Rise of the Hidden Sun: Retro Edition in all of its 16-color, 320×200-pixel glory! I’ve already converted two screens to the “retro” format and plan to have the whole game reformatted by the end of the month.

Temple of the Golden Vulture

Entrance to the Haunted Mine

From there, it’ll be a piece of cake to animate the thing myself.

What do you think? Click here for an extended preview.

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