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Every few weeks I get an email from someone hoping for news about Rise of the Hidden Sun. As far as I know, though, this is the first time someone has blogged about me.

I just stumbled over a blog post by Josh Roberts, multi-talented writer/producer/designer of the excellent independent adventure game Rise of the Hidden Sun … It’s a very ambitious freeware project that suffers a bit from an on-again, off-again progress. After a long hiatus, development on the game resumed in 2007 and the artists in Josh’s team churned out some really impressive artwork, but now according to his blog post production seems to have ground to a halt again…

Josh is obviously very determined to see the game of his dreams realized. He’s also a talented writer with a kick-ass concept for a game. Yet even he has problems in finding and maintaining the help that is necessary to create this mammoth project, at least with the kind of quality he aspires to. I’ve been there myself a few years ago …  Anyway, I hope Josh will find a way to keep his project going. Rise of the Hidden Sun is a game I’m very much looking forward to.

It’s pretty flattering to know there are people out there who I’ve never met who are looking forward to this game. ‘Course, most of them will have lost interest by the time I actually do get something done. But still, flattering! And it does make me want to dig in and keep trying.

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You didn’t think we’d abandonned this project, did you? Here’s where we’re at:

  • The newest version of the game engine we’re using to code Rise of the Hidden Sun, Adventure Game Studio, has been upgraded. The maximum resolution is now 1024×768 pixels, up from 800×600. To take advantage of this, we’re upgrading as well—by retouching and re-sizing many of the original screens we worked on several years ago. This is going very quickly, and has been outsourced to a wonderful and enthusiastic artist in Poland.
  • The re-painting is happening simultaneously with the work by our new animation lead, Wyatt Miles of Flash Potatoes, LLC. Many of you will have seen his work on Dave Gilbert’s Emerald City Confidential. Wyatt and his team are nearly done with the first two-minute cinematic cutscene, an animated movie that opens the game and will also serve as a trailer. I expect it to be completion in April.
  • Wyatt has also replaced Jim Peebles as the lead animator for our in-game sprites.

In summary: Work continues, it’s going really well, but no, I’m not yet ready to announce a release date. Sorry!

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